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PeerLens: Peer-inspired Interactive Learning Path Planning in Online Question Pool
Meng Xia, Mingfei Sun, Huan Wei, Qing Chen, Yong Wang, Lei Shi, Huamin Qu, Xiaojuan Ma.
The SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019), 2019. To Appear.
Download: [pre-print]

Evaluating the Readability of Force Directed Graph Layouts: A Deep Learning Approach.
Hammad Haleem, Yong Wang, Abishek Puri, Sahil Wadhwa and Huamin Qu.
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (Special Issue on Visual Computing with Deep Learning), 2018. To Appear.
Download: [pre-print]

Towards Easy Comparison of Local Businesses Using Online Reviews.
Yong Wang, Hammad Haleem, Conglei Shi, Yanhong Wu, Xun Zhao, Siwei Fu and Huamin Qu.
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EuroVis 2018). Accepted.
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Visualizing Research Impact Through Citation Data.
Yong Wang, Conglei Shi, Liangyue Li, Hanghang Tong and Huamin Qu.
ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS), 8(1):5, 2018.
Download: [paper][link]

VisForum: A Visual Analysis System for Exploring User Groups in Online Forums.
Siwei Fu, Yong Wang, Yi Yang, Qingqing Bi, Fangzhou Guo and Huamin Qu.
ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS), 8(1):3, 2018.
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Fast and Robust Segmentation of White Blood Cell Images by Self-supervised Learning
Xin Zheng, Yong Wang, Guoyou Wang and Jianguo Liu.
Micron, 2018(107): 55-71.
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A Vector Field Design Approach to Animated Transitions.
Yong Wang, Daniel Archambault, Carlos E. Scheidegger and Huamin Qu.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 24(9), pp.2487-2500, 2018.
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SkyLens: Visual Analysis of Skyline on Multi-dimensional Data.
Xun Zhao, Yanhong Wu, Weiwei Cui, Xinnan Du, Yuan Chen, Yong Wang, Dik Lun Lee and Huamin Qu.
IEEE Transcactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of VAST 2017).
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Is the Whole Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts?
Liangyue Li, Hanghang Tong, Yong Wang, Conglei Shi, Nan Cao and Norbou Buchler.
23rd ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), 2017.
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UI X-Ray: Interactive Mobile UI Testing Based on Computer Vision.
Chun-Fu (Richard) Chen, Marco Pistoia, Conglei Shi, Paolo Girolami, Joseph W. Ligman and Yong Wang.
Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) . ACM, 2017. (Best Paper Award)
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AmbiguityVis: Visualization of Ambiguity in Graph Layouts.
Yong Wang, Qiaomu Shen, Daniel Archambault, Zhiguang Zhou, Min Zhu, Sixiao Yang and Huamin Qu.
IEEE Transcactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 22(1), pp.359-368, 2016 (Proceedings of infoVis 2015).
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Before 2015

A Novel Algorithm Based on Visual Saliency Attention for Localization and Segmentation in Rapidly-Stained Leukocyte Images.
Xin Zheng, Yong Wang, Guoyou Wang and Zhong Chen.
Micron, 2014(56): 17-28.
Download: [paper] [link]

A palm vein identification system based on Gabor wavelet features.
Ran Wang, Guoyou Wang, Zhong Chen, Zhigang Zeng and Yong Wang.
Neural Computing and Applications, 24(1): 161-168, 2014.
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A Novel and Robust Algorithm for License Plate Location Us ing Perceptual Salient Features.
Yong Wang, Guoyou Wang, Ran Wang, Yuanchun Xia and Zhong Chen.
In Proceedings of 2013 International conference on Advances in Industrial Control, Electronics and Computer Engineering. Kinston, Canada, May 2013.
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White Blood Cell Segmentation Using Expectation-Maximization and Automatic Support Vector Machine Learning.
Xin Zheng, Guoyou Wang, Yong Wang.
Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing (Chinese), 2013, 28(5): 614-619.
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  • A Precise Segmentation Method and System Based on SVM for White Blood Cell Images.
    Guoyou Wang, Yong Wang, Xin Zheng and Ran Wang.
    Chinese Patent: CN103473739 A, 2013-12-25.


Visualization of HKUST CSE PQE-Defense Log Data.
Description: This project aims at making use of the log data of all the thesis defense and qualifying exams of HKUST CSE department, which are published in HKUST CSE Department website, to give users an overview of all the graduated students in CSE department. We want to answer these questions easily: How many students have graduated from CSE department? How many students have been supervised by each professor and what is the student's gender distribution? What is the distribution of defense/PQE time in each year? Who quited?
Project Demo: [link]

HKUST Co-authorship Graph.
Description: How can we intuitively know the collaboration relationship of all the HKUST professors? How can we easily gain an overview of each professor's publication trend and their collaboration changes along with the time? By using the publication data of all the HKUST professors that can be found in HKUST Scholarly Publications, we will enable users to answer all these questions easily. This project has been integrated into the official website of HKUST Scholarly Publications and published by HKUST Library.
Project Demo: Take Prof. Tony F. Chan as an example: [link]


Talks and Presentations

  • A Vector Field Design Approach to Animated Transitions.
    Presented our work on generating better animated transitions based on vector field design at IEEE VIS 2018, Berlin, Germany.
    Oct. 24th, 2018.

  • Towards Easy Comparison of Local Businesses Using Online Reviews.
    Gave a talk about our work of using online reviews to do local business comparison at EuroVis 2018, Brno, Czech Republic.
    June 5th, 2018.

  • AmbiguityVis: Visualization of Ambiguity in Graph Layouts.
    Introduced our work AmbiguityVis at IEEE VIS 2015, Chicago, USA.
    Oct. 26, 2015.